Bott & Company History

Bott & Company was started in 1967, by Ray F. Bott, CA.  At that time, the firm was a part time practice of Ray F. Bott, CA who was employed by the Ontario Securities Commission as an investigation accountant.  His son John started working for the practice in the 1970s as a bookkeeper.  The first client John worked on is still a client today, as are the children of that client. 

In 1992, after a takeover of the firm by John W. Bott, CGA, the firm became a CGA firm. 

In 1993, CGA Ontario performed a practice inspection of the firm, and the results were spectacular. 

In 1994, John became a practice inspector for CGA Ontario, and served in that position for 14 years.  In 2002, the firm became a professional corporation, operating as John W. Bott, CGA Professional Corporation. 

In 2011, the company was renamed Bott & Company Certified General Accountants Professional Corporation. Also in 2011, the company became an approved training office, and became authorized to practice public accounting in Ontario pursuant to the Public Accountancy Act 2004.

Technological advances

The firm was first computerized in 1987.  The first computer system was made up of Compaq Portable III computers operating at 12 MHZ and they were equipped with 20 MB hard drives.  The computerization allowed for a more modern method of keeping files.  This marked the 20 year anniversary in practice

In 2007, the firm became paperless.  We use scanners rather than copiers, and documents that are needed to support our working paper files are stored electronically.  We feel that this method has the softest impact on our environment, and allows us access to our client information from years ago with a few clicks of the mouse.  Our electronic methods have allowed us to retain clients that have moved across the country and around the world. This marked the 40 year anniversary in practice.